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Welcome to - the Hompage of Iceland's Great son. Guđmund Asgairsson is one of the 21st century's most outstanding artists. He created works to last, as composer in the field of contemporary music as well as sculptor and as expressionist dancer, too. Since the era of Renaissance, there has not been such universal artist anymore.
This Homepage,
created by the master's close friends, intended to give a small overview about the works of this great man
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Last Updated on 18.03.2023 congratulates:
Gary Oldman (65) Keira Knightley Wiliam Shatner (92)
Gary Oldman (65) Keira Knightley Wiliam Shatner (92)
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waldsterben baby
The question of the week:
»Where is my goat?«
Irene Papas (1926-2022)
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